Do-It-Yourself Build Your Own Website Tools for Small Business Owners

Coburn Enterprises (previously SiteBuilder Now) has offered “do-it-yourself” website building tools since 2001. We began offering these “no html required” website building tools to help small businesses compete on the world wide web at  price that makes sense. Our original Site Builder Tools were cutting edge in 2001, but as technology has improved we have discovered there are great new choices and we have developed the Better Website Builders website to bring our favorite one to our clients.

Better Website Builders is designed around the popular and free open source blogging platform called WordPress. If you are pretty computer savvy you can actually set up a hosting account and install this software for free on almost any account. The challenge for most people is deciding, out of thousands of options, which ones to use for their own website.

You see, WordPress is the foundation – and it’s very user friendly – but it is “just a blogging platform” unless you know what to add to it to make it a complete website. At the risk of having your eyes glaze over now . . . there are multiple aspects to creating a complete website using WordPress as the base platform including:

  • Themes (what your website looks like),
  • Plugins (add on tools that make your website do cool things like have contact forms that have some anti spam capabilities built in) and
  • Widgets (tools that let you put things where you want them on one or many pages).

Here at Better Website Builders we have built a toolbox that lets you start building your site right away with all of the most popular tools already set up for you and a large selection of themes (templates) to choose from.

But you are not stuck with just our templates, you can find thousands of WordPress themes throughout the web (some free – but most of the good ones are sold for a fair price).The easiest way to create a website for your business. Create your site at Weebly.com!

The more comfortable you get with your Better Website Builders tools the more you can do – the only limitation is how much you want to learn or how much you want to pay us to help you with.

The best part is, even if you do nothing but use the tools we’ve put in your toolbox you will have a robust, Web 2.0 website right out of the box!

Want to know more? Want us to build your site for you and show you how to make simple edits? Want a complete solution? Visit our primary website at http://coburnenterprises.com or

Call us at (360) 721 1017 or (888) 595 3098 – U.S. Only.

Want something even easier??? Check out Weebly! You can either create your own Weebly site or let us create one for you. Weebly sites give you lots of cool bells and whistles with a “Drag & Drop” interface. Are there some downsides? Yes, but not any that you won’t find with any other do it yourself solution (for example, you’ll still need email hosting and DNS management – but we can help with that for a low fee too!)

We’ve been at this a long time  and we know that no matter how easy these things appear to be they still take time. You can hire us any time for consulting. We just want you to know there are some great options out there!