A Little About the Better Website Builders Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool

In order to fully grasp the advantages of choosing Better Website Builders as your do-it-yourself website building tool it helps to understand a little about the base software and what we have added to make it a complete website building solution.

The base software of your website builder is called WordPress. WordPress is a free, open source software that is built and maintained by a huge community of freelance programmers. You may even have visited the WordPress.org website at some time in seeking a complete website building solution for your own business or you may have read a “blog” that was built by someone using the free WordPress tools.

A “Blog” (short for Web Log) is more of an online communications tool than a full website, often used by people that want to express their opinions and interact with their readers.

Your new website will give you the best of the “blogging” world AND a complete website.

Since the “blog” technology was first introduced, many pieces of additional software have been written (called plugins and widgets) and the software itself has been improved so, with the right configuration, you can now have what we call a “Content Management System” or “CMS”.

By being a Better Website Builders customer you are getting a complete CMS because we have pre-installed many of the add-on tools that take WordPress from being “just a blogging platform” to a full fledged website building tool.

As you review our tutorials, we will refer to some of these special tools such as the:

  • Gallery Tool,
  • Form Tool,
  • Calendar Tool and

many other tools that take your WordPress installation from a simple blogging platform to a robust, fully functional website with great interactive features that will help you build your relationships with your customers.