Attach / Unattach Images to a Page or Post From the Media Library

Sometimes it’s easiest to upload a lot of images by using the Media Library. (Learn more at Upload Media to the Media Library). However, when you add your images using this method your images will not be attached to a particular page or post. This makes it a little more challenging to create a “gallery” using those images. Not to worry! It’s easy to attach images that have already been uploaded to the media library to a page or post by following these simple steps:

Go to your Media Library (see the Introduction to Media Library tutorial if you do not know how to get there).

Click the ‘Unattached’ link or search for the image you are looking to attach to this page or post. (Note: if the image is already attached to another page or post you will need to unattach it from that page or post. We show you how below).

Click on the ‘Attach’ link.

This will open a pop-up window where you need to find the page or post you want to attach the image to.

If you don’t have a lot of pages or posts, you can leave the search box empty and just click ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’.

If you have a lot of pages or posts, you may want to enter a keyword into the search box, select ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’ and then click ‘Search’.

Choose ‘Page’ or ‘Post’ and a list of pages or posts will appear. Choose the page or post you wish to attach this image to and then click ‘Select’.

To “unattach” an image from a page or post go into your Media library, mouse over the image you wish to unattach and click ‘Unattach’.

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