Aligning images to the left of text in small paragraphs

Sometimes you have a very small paragraph that you want to align an image to the left of. If you use the traditional “align left” tool while inserting the image into the paragraph you will end up with an undesirable “stacked” effect like this:

In this situation it is best to use the “table” tool that comes with your Better Website Builders tool bar:

To insert a table on your page you first need to click where you want your table to go:

you simply click the Insert Table Icon as shown above. This will open a box that allows you to design your table:

Note that there are many options to set in this window. Choose how many columns and rows you want your table to have. Cell padding is the amount of space around the content of each table cell. Setting the width of the table (in pixels) at at least 300 will make your table easier to work with in the next step. For our purpose we chose to make the table 650 pixels wide. Once you have entered your settings click “Insert” to add your table to your page:

As you can see, while in the edit mode on your page or post you will see “borders” on your table even if you did not set a border width when you created the table. These lines will not be visible to your website visitors but they will help you to position your pictures and text to create the clean layout you are after.

Now, insert your pictures in the left column just like you would insert them in regular text. Put the text associated to that picture in the box in the other column on the same row. Depending on how big you set your table size you may decide that the image column is too big like ours is:

To fix this, you have a button on your tool bar for editing table sell properties. Before clicking that button make sure you have your blinking cursor in the cell you want to change the size of and then click the “Table Cell Properties” icon:

Once you click the icon you will get a box where you can adjust your table cell parameters. In our case we chose to apply these parameters to the entire left column of our table. We probably did not have to make that decision because in most cases changing the width of one cell will effect the entire column. In addition, cells can only be made as small in width as the largest image in that column. Once you have made your adjustments click “update”:

You will now see the improved layout in edit mode:

 Note: You can make images links by left clicking them and using the “link” icon in your toolbar just like you would turn text into a link:

 This will open a link editor box where you can insert the URL or choose to link to existing content from your website:


If you are all done editing your page our post remember to click “publish” or “Update”!

Here is how our revised short paragraphs look with their left aligned images now:


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