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Aligning images to the left of text in small paragraphs

Sometimes you have a very small paragraph that you want to align an image to the left of. If you use the traditional “align left” tool while inserting the image into the paragraph you will end up with an undesirable “stacked” effect like this:

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Online Photo Editor to Replace Picnik

As a “Do it Yourself” website manager you may be using the photo editor we recommend in our post about preparing your images for the web.

Unfortunately Google, the company that purchased Picnik, has decided to just shut it down. Of course, I could spend hours trying to figure out the logic (why did Google buy it if they were just going to shut it down???) but I just don’t have any spare time for pondering that question right now.

So, I have searched the web and this one is my favorite (as of today):

It’s free, no log in required. Of course, it is still new. I am sure over time you will start seeing ads and / or upgrade offers. But for today it does what’s needed. You can download a brief tutorial on resizing (the most important part of preparing your images for the web) here: Preparing your images for the web.

Your website tools will automatically create thumbnails for you so you only need to create the “big” picture (we recommend 600 to 800 pixels wide at the most).


New tool in your Website Toolbox!

We are pleased to announce that we just added a new tool to the Better Website Builders’ toolbox to help our users enjoy the power of “Tags” without the so much ugliness! Currently, you may be displaying Tags using a widget called Tag Cloud. This is the default widget that comes with your software installation and it does it’s job (displaying all of those keyword phrases and helping Google and the other search engines understand what your site content is all about) but it did not give you much control over how those words looked.

Now you can replace the “Tag Cloud” widget with the “CTC” widget and you gain lots of options for how your tags are displayed! The most popular use is to change the font size range (no more GIANT WORDS and tiny words – just a nice combo of larger and smaller).

We recommend you choose the following settings after dragging the widget to your selected sidebar:

Better Cloud Tag Settings - screen show of recommended settings

How do I change my site name and tag line?

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