How do I change my site name and tag line?

When your website is first set up it is installed using the default theme, a title based on your order and a random tagline… something like this: Read the rest of this entry »

How do I make an image link to another page or website?

First you need to insert the image into your page or post. (View the adding images to pages and posts tutorial). Read the rest of this entry »

Can my posts show up on Twitter and Facebook?

Yes! It’s easy. Just go to http://twitterfeed.com/ and set up an account. You will need to register and then know the email address and password you used for Twitter and your username and password for Facebook. This is a free service.

Your RSS feed will be: http://yourdomain.com/feed/. If you prefer to do a category then go to that category and get the url and add /feed/ to the end. For example we can get a feed for our FAQs by going here: http://betterwebsitebuilders.com/blog/category/faqs/feed/.


Before you try to add images get them ready!

Uploading images that have not been prepared for the web will quickly use up your web storage space, cause your pages to load slow and could even break your website! We have prepared a printable document for you to download that shows how to use a free online tool for getting your pictures ready as well as how to do the very minimum anyone should do to their pictures/images before trying to upload them to any website (even ebay or craigslist).

To view the document please click this link: Preparing Images for the Web downloadable tutorial.

Aligning images to the left of text in small paragraphs

Sometimes you have a very small paragraph that you want to align an image to the left of. If you use the traditional “align left” tool while inserting the image into the paragraph you will end up with an undesirable “stacked” effect like this:

Read the rest of this entry »