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For just $19.95 per month you can have a robust, interactive website that you build and manage yourself! If you like our product you can build up to 9 additional websites for just $10.00 per month each**!

Build your own website for free using our do it yourself website builder tools by signing up for a free 30 day trial.

How the free trial works:

Your website will be located at until you are ready for us to change it to your own domain. (

This allows you to build a new website without taking down your existing website until you are ready. If you do not own a domain name you can simply use the one we provide until you are ready to purchase your own.

How to order (and get 30 days free):

1. Click the “order now” link below

2. Choose one of the domain name options our ordering tool will show you: 

Update my locally registered domains nameservers only (if you know how to do this it’s a good choice)

Register a new domain with Coburn Enterprises (domain names cost $11.95 per year and are not included in your hosting fees)

Transfer my domain from another registrar (if you already have a domain registered with another company like “GoDaddy” you will need to rectrieve your EPP/Authoriztion code before choosing this option)

 Update my domains nameservers only at my existing registrar (choose this option if you are not sure which option to choose and then enter imnotsure / com in the domain fields that appear after you choose this option)

3. Enter the coupon code  freetrial in the coupon code field (no spaces)

4. Click the Submit Coupon/Affiliate Code button

5. Click the Proceed to Checkout button

6. If you are already a Coburn Enterprises customer click the “Have an account? Click here to login” button. If you are not already a registered customer please complete the create an account registration form.

7. Then click the “continue” button to return and complete the checkout process

Once we receive your order we will establish your account and you will receive an email with your login credentials. (please note this can take up to 12 hours depending on when you place your order).

You will receive an invoice for your 2nd month’s hosting approximately 15 days after you sign up for the free trial and  you will have 15 days to pay the new invoice or cancel your order. If you do not wish to continue your Better Website Builders service you can simply login to your billing account go to manage hosting and cancel your your service. If you do not cancel your service you will continue to be billed monthly.

Make sense? ORDER NOW

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**Additional sites can only be purchased by established Better Website Builders account holders. Add On accounts will not receive additional email boxes, additional bandwidth or additional website storage space. You MAY create mailboxes for the new domain if you have mailboxes available under your base hosting account. If the primary hosting account is cancelled you will lose all of your add on accounts as well unless you contact us so that we can upgrade one of your add on accounts to a primary / base account. Your add on domains will be managed under your existing CPanel hosting control panel.

If you are an existing Better Website Builders account holder and would like to add additional accounts login to your billing account, go to My Services/View Hosting Accounts on the top navigation bar and click the “A” by the primary hosting account you want to add the sub account to. Once your order is placed we will do the rest and send you an email notification within 12 hours. When your  new site has been activated we will notify you by email and you will find your add on account under the “my sites” link when you login to your admin panel.