Creating a Gallery of Images on Your Page or Post

Sometimes it is more effective to have a “table type” layout of thumbnails of your pictures that link to bigger pictures of them – something like this:

We refer to this as a “gallery”.

To get this effect, you’ll need to create or edit the post or page that you want the gallery to appear in and then click the “Add an Image” button.

Note that once you add an image via this method while writing or editing a post or page, it will be attached to that specific post or page, which is how your site keeps track of the gallery’s content for each page or post. If you have added your images using the media gallery you will also need to read the “attaching images to a page or post” tutorial. This tutorial assumes you have not uploaded your images to the site yet.

Select the images you want for your gallery from your computer.

If you are using the default upload method, you should be able to select multiple images from the same folder on you computer at once by holding down the “Ctrl” key while left clicking each image you want to include in this upload then click “Open” and your images will be uploaded (you will see this process as it happens):

Now you will see the list of images that will be included in this gallery. Under gallery settings you may want to change the number of columns that these images will be displayed in. The default is 3 columns.

You can also “order” your images by putting numbers in the “order” column and selecting the “Menu Order” option in the ‘Order Images By’ dropdown:

Once you have your settings done click “Insert Gallery”

This will take you back to your page / post editor and you will see your new gallery “placeholder” image:

Update or publish your post and go look at it as a website visitor (click ‘View Post/Page’) and you will see your new gallery!

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