Custom Menus

Depending on your selected theme, your site may have the ability to use custom menus. Custom menus allow us to have more control over how your navigation links are organized. If you are not sure about your theme please contact us. We may be able to update your selected theme so that it offers you this option. Many of you will already have this feature enabled and in use on your site if we did your site transfer.

You can watch the video or scroll down for written instructions.

How to Add a Menu Item

Go to Appearance/Menus

If not already selected choose the menu you want to add a link on:

You can add a link to a post or a page – if you don’t see what you want to add a menu item to then click the “view all” link in posts or pages to see all of your options.

Put a “check” beside the page/post you want to create a menu item for

Then click Add To Menu

Now you will see this item listed on your menu at the bottom of the list:

You can change the Menu Item’s name and add keyword tags by clicking the little arror to the right and opening up more options:

Navigation Label is what will show up on the menu for people to click – Title attribute is a “description” of what this link goes to and should contain key words to help your SEO – for example this could say Portland OR area information. Link Target determines whether this link will open in the same browser window or open a new one.

Once you fill these fields out you can click the little arrow to “close” the box again.

Now you can “order” this menu item. (For example lets say you want it to be a sub menu or move it to be next to the home item on the menu bar). To do this you simply left click, hold and drag the item to position it where you want it:


Note: in this example if I release the Area Information item it would be a “sub” link to Home – because the “shadow” you see underneath is indented under Home – to make it a top level item you want to be sure it looks like this:


Once you have created and positioned your menu items you want to be sure to save your changes!