About Tina Magno – Artist and creator of the Inner Child series

Tina MagnoHello and welcome to Dang Cool Artworks.

The artwork of Tina Magno including pieces from her popular ‘Inner Child’ series.

This website was set up because of the numerous requests for Tina’s art since her death in a horrific car accident in Vancouver, Washington on June 27, 2007. Tina Magno was an amazing person and an admired artist. She was loving, compassionate, creative and inspiring. Her only son Joey (who survived the accident) wishes to continue her legacy by sharing her art.

Artist Tina Magno was born in Los Angeles in 1969. One of four siblings, she was always a sensitive, creative, free spirit. She began to draw at a young age and became recognized in second grade when she took second place in the school art show. As her school years progressed so did her art, which was exhibited at numerous famous places, such as the Bona Venture Hotel, the University of California and as far away as Newcastle Australia. In high school Tina drew an amazing pencil portrait of Janis Joplin which became exhibited almost around the world. After graduation she continued her art and when her son Joey was born she had to work part-time jobs to care for him. She learned to give tattoos and was in such demand she had to stop so she could spend more time with Joey and concentrate on the more creative art that she loved. She moved to Vancouver, Washington in 1994 and began to truly blossom as an artist. She helped to establish the Art Alliance and was one of the founding members of the Sixth Street Gallery, where she not only displayed her art but she taught and encouraged others to paint with their emotions. She could draw a pencil portrait in which the eyes would follow the viewer around the room, and she could paint real life portraits. Tina Magno used many mediums to express creativity, from the fairy-tail-like wood fence around her yard, to jewelry-in-a-jar. She tried it all and as she become in touch with her own inner free spirit her painting evolved with exuberance and compassion as she began painting what is know as her ‘inner child’ series in which she painted with true heartfelt insight and emotions. She would capture the spirit of each subject she painted. These whimsical and abstract paintings display what Tina believes is in all of us, from innocent curiosity to downright dysfunction. She uses bold colors and specific strokes in the expression of each piece. And this is what her son Joey is now going to share with you. We invite you to browse the website and/or contact us if you are interested in purchasing or learning more about any of these items. Enjoy!


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